Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rainbows And Hearts - Not A Bad Start To The New Year! :)

After so many days of grimness and rain, today was bright and sunny (mostly)! Lots of people were enjoying a walk along Clarence Esplanade, dodging the waves which crashed up over the path, and taking cover from occasional sudden showers. It was during one of these that we saw a rainbow which began somewhere near Old Portsmouth and ended I reckon, somewhere near Fratton.

Looking down from the sky to the puddles I was jumping over on the ground, I saw a bright little heart beaming up some glistening love to me! It was a small loose pebble and tempted as I am to collect such treasures I decided to leave it there to delight other walkers who happen to glance down. So if you're observant and walking somewhere along the Esplanade between the Blue Reef Aquarium and Clarence Pier you might spot it and receive your own special little glow of Southsea love!