About this blog

I was born in St Mary's Hospital in Portsmouth, just down the road from where I live now in the middle of Fratton. Inbetween times I've lived in Horndean, Cambridge, Penzance and I recently tried to leave to go and live in Bristol. But for various personal reasons I needed to make the decision to stay in Portsmouth.

So as I'm staying here I need to get more committed and positive about it! I know there's heaps of fertile beauty to be found in Portsmouth. I just need to search it out and to fall in love with it, to find its heart.

I often dream of escaping to some little hobbit home in a wild green meadow far away from the smelly, grey city. But this is the year (2013) I let go of those dreams and decide to find the dream in Portsmouth! This is the time to search out the gemstones in the belly of the beast.

It won't be a blog celebrating Portsmouth's militaristic, naval identity because all that side of things are not my cup of tea. It's a quest to search out the magic, the soul, the creativity, the kindness, the heart nourishment, the side to this city and its nearby areas which are going to help to keep me nurtured and happy in this relationship for a good few years ahead.

All photographs included in this blog belong to me unless otherwise stated. Please don't steal photo's without asking first. Thanks! :) Although this blog is created primarily for my own reference and reminder of why it's great to live here, I'm really happy if other people enjoy something out of it too!


  1. Om mani padme hum...the jewel is in the heart of the lotus...hope you find that which you seek in Portsmouth this year OMx

    1. Thank you:) I'm already beginning to! X