Friday, February 21, 2014

We Have Our Own Hogwarts!

We visited the ancient Egypt exhibition today at the Portsmouth City Museum and although we've been there dozens of times before over the years, we've never actually properly noticed how awesome the building is! Today we stood and saw it anew, shimmering in the late afternoon sunlight with quite a magical (one might say, wizardly) type of magnificence.

Here it is later at night, when they put the floodlights on...

OK, maybe that's a fib, but we still think our Portsmouth 'Hogwarts' is pretty impressive!

Apart from the exhibitions, the next one of which is a celebration of a very different style of (late) Portsmouth architecture, the Tricorn, they usually have a great summer line-up of entertainment in the gardens too. To keep track of what's on there, check out this page:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Cellars at Eastney

The Cellars at Eastney is a really precious gem in the city! An intimate and cosy haven providing a full listings of live independent music plus comedy and poetry. It's definitely one, if not the favourite venue on my list of best places to go out for the night in Portsmouth.

I'm particularly moved to enthuse about them right now because I just got back from a brilliant night watching the awesomely talented Eleanor McEvoy. Supporting were a newly formed band called Chasing Ghosts who were really worth hearing too. It was a truly beautiful night of sounds, superb performance and heart-warming personal rapport with the audience.

So yeah, The Cellars at Eastney - check them out! Go along, support, and keep them going strong, because Portsmouth would certainly be less lovely without them.

Eleanor McEvoy playing at The cellars tonight

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rainbows And Hearts - Not A Bad Start To The New Year! :)

After so many days of grimness and rain, today was bright and sunny (mostly)! Lots of people were enjoying a walk along Clarence Esplanade, dodging the waves which crashed up over the path, and taking cover from occasional sudden showers. It was during one of these that we saw a rainbow which began somewhere near Old Portsmouth and ended I reckon, somewhere near Fratton.

Looking down from the sky to the puddles I was jumping over on the ground, I saw a bright little heart beaming up some glistening love to me! It was a small loose pebble and tempted as I am to collect such treasures I decided to leave it there to delight other walkers who happen to glance down. So if you're observant and walking somewhere along the Esplanade between the Blue Reef Aquarium and Clarence Pier you might spot it and receive your own special little glow of Southsea love!