Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Cellars at Eastney

The Cellars at Eastney is a really precious gem in the city! An intimate and cosy haven providing a full listings of live independent music plus comedy and poetry. It's definitely one, if not the favourite venue on my list of best places to go out for the night in Portsmouth.

I'm particularly moved to enthuse about them right now because I just got back from a brilliant night watching the awesomely talented Eleanor McEvoy. Supporting were a newly formed band called Chasing Ghosts who were really worth hearing too. It was a truly beautiful night of sounds, superb performance and heart-warming personal rapport with the audience.

So yeah, The Cellars at Eastney - check them out! Go along, support, and keep them going strong, because Portsmouth would certainly be less lovely without them.

Eleanor McEvoy playing at The cellars tonight

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