Friday, February 21, 2014

We Have Our Own Hogwarts!

We visited the ancient Egypt exhibition today at the Portsmouth City Museum and although we've been there dozens of times before over the years, we've never actually properly noticed how awesome the building is! Today we stood and saw it anew, shimmering in the late afternoon sunlight with quite a magical (one might say, wizardly) type of magnificence.

Here it is later at night, when they put the floodlights on...

OK, maybe that's a fib, but we still think our Portsmouth 'Hogwarts' is pretty impressive!

Apart from the exhibitions, the next one of which is a celebration of a very different style of (late) Portsmouth architecture, the Tricorn, they usually have a great summer line-up of entertainment in the gardens too. To keep track of what's on there, check out this page:

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